Dan Griffith      Sioux Falls, SD


Griffs Viking Lady, MH, NAVHDA NA Prize I (106), UT Prize I (201)
Whelped 13 May 2012    Health clearances:  PENN Hip - .25/.25 l/r; OFA Normal for thyroid,
                                                                                                           cardio, eyes and elbows

                                        Tom v d Ederaue. NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                 LJC's Storm, NAVHDA NA I, UT I 
                                        South Paw Hattie
 Southpaw Viking, NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                                        Darko v Oechtringer Forst
                 Quonna II vd Wissower Klinken, NAVHDA NA I
                                        Julie vd Wissower Klinken
                                        Lord vd Immer
                 Droll III vom Donaueck, NAVHDA UT II
                                        Bessy III vom Donaueck
 Griffs Greta, MH, NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                                        Benn vom Taubmoos
                 Quira vom Heinrichstrundl
                                        Lona vom Dunkelsteinerwald

© 2012, Grassland Kennel

Annie is  bred and owned by Dan Griffith.  You'll notice that she is already a "pin-up girl" with a NAVHDA NA score of 106, UT Prize I (201) and her MH pass averaged 9; she scored 8 in confirmation. Retested in 2017, she scored 8.8 and 9.  Annie is from Greta's last litter, sired by Southpaw Viking and shows all the qualities we strive for at Grassland Kennel. 

Annie has been DNA tested by EmbarkVet and certified to be free of the 160+ genetic diseases for which they test.  She is also homozygous dominant for the gene for furnishings .

She was bred to Three Devils O Duke of Schmieding Farm for her first litter, whelped in July 2014.  This litter and subsequent rebreedings to Duke have shown great promise with outstanding coats and early hunting ability. Through 2015, 7 pups have scored 112 for NA prize I, one pup scored an NA prize II and one pup a UT prize I. In addition, one pup won 1st place in class at the MWTS Chukar Championship.

A rebreeding to Duke is expected to whelp early May, 2018.


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