Griffs Greta, MH, NAVHDA NA Prize I (112), UT Prize I (204)
Whelped 17 May 2003    PennHIP: 0.21 left/right   OFA:  Thyroid normal, bite normal

                            Lauser vom Sonnerbach                        
            Lord vd Immer
                            Grandel v d Immer
Droll III vom Donaueck (Ger. imp.), UT II; 3rd place, Hegewald
                            Nero III vom Richthof
             Bessy III vom Donaueck
                            Vinni vom Donaueck
                            Birko v d Hohen Warf
             Ben von Taubmoos
                            Ina vom Sonnerbach
Quira vom Heinrichstrundl (Ger. imp.) 1st place, Hegewald
                            Yak vom Wildbarren
             Lona vom Dunkelsteinerwald
                            Conny vom Kremnitztal

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Dan Griffith      Sioux Falls, SD


NAVHDA NA Prize I (112) at 12 months
NAVHDA UT Prize I (204) at 15 months
AKC Master Hunter
2006 Midwest TriState Pheasant Champion
2008 Third Place, US OPEN Pheasant Champion


* Nine straight NA Breeder Award qualifying litters averaging over three
     NA Prize I puppies per litter.
* In 2009 five of her offspring were tested UT with all five receiving Prize I 
     scores. Two other litters have two UT Prize I and one Prize II pups.
* Six of her pups are VCs, one or more from each of the four males with 
     whom Greta was bred. Scores were 200, 200, 200, 197, 197, 187.
* One of her sons, VC Snup, is the youngest VC with a maximum score
     ever at 24 months of age; he sired a VC award litter.
* Since 2006, the Midwest TriState Chapter has given 24 1st place
     trophies for Pheasant, Quail and Chukar Championships. Greta and 
     her offspring have won 18 of them.

Greta was a calm and loving house dog and companion who was willing to share her dog bed with Charlie, a large grey tiger-striped tabby. She greeted all visitors with a wagging tail and a welcome attitude. She lovingly cared for each of her puppies in the last nine litters. Greta was a remarkable dog and always demonstrated her positive, gentle disposition while showing full attention in the field or duck pond.