Dan Griffith      Sioux Falls, SD


VC Griffs Quasie Lady, MH, NAVHDA NA Prize I, UT Prize I
Whelped 05 May 2007        PennHIP: 0.28 left/0.35 right        OFA Thyroid/Elbows: Normal 
 CERF: Normal        von Willebrand: Negative

Mya is nicely line-bred from German import grandparents; she is from a NA and UT Breeders' Award qualified litter and earned her VC with a max score.  In field and marsh, she is driven to hunt and is an exemplary retriever.  At home, she is a delight to live with, friendly and well-mannered.

Mya is retired now, and will continue to guide hunters, hopefully for many years to come. Her offspring carry on her drive and disposition:   In Spring, 2014, one of her sons took Overall Champion in the MWTS Pheasant Championship while another son placed third!  One of the pups from her first litter earned a UT Prize I. Her son Finley won first place in his first Dock Diving contest with a jump of 23 feet, qualifying for the National competition.

                                        Chester v d Wissower Klinken                       
                 Tom v d  Ederaue, NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                                        Rita v d Ederaue                                             VC Southpaw Quasie, NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                                        Darko v Oechtringer Forst
                 Quonna II vd Wissower Klinken, NAVHDA NA I
                                        Julie vd Wissower Klinken
                                        Lord vd Immer
                 Droll III vom Donaueck, NAVHDA UT II
                                        Bessy III vom Donaueck
 Griffs Greta, NAVHDA NA I, UT I
                                        Benn vom Taubmoos
                 Quira vom Heinrichstrundl
                                        Lona vom Dunkelsteinerwald

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Weight:  58 lbs.
Height:  22 in.
Length:  23.5 in.
Color:  Liver Roan